Why Aeropup ?

Benefit from the Supapup’s heritage. Since the early eighties it has been developed through Mk.1, Mk.2, Mk.3, Mk.4 and the two seat Aeropup which is the only model now produced. The brand has an enviable safety record of Zero  fatalities in over 30 years of flying.

It only takes a few months to assemble a kit from our components, and then you can register it either as an Ultra Light Motorized (ULM) or under the 51% amateur built rule (EASA Annex I).

All engineering is performed to very high standards using aircraft grade materials and highly qualified personnel. We do all the hard work so that you don’t need any special tools or skills when assembling it:

– the fuselage is fully welded chrom-moly steel tubing which comes powder coated or primed;

– the covering is a combination of alloy sheet and fabric;

– all fiberglass components, i.e. cowlings, headrack, wing tips and seat, are already manufactured.


Do you like it so far ? There is even more to it:

– it comes with a fast folding wings system included, saving you the additional cost for this very useful feature;

– the airplane can accommodate engines from various manufacturers (UL Power, Simonini, Rotax, D-Motors, Jabiru);

– its fuel tanks can give you an autonomy of up to 7.5 hours of flying (depending on engine);

– in addition to being the best offer on the market so far given its overall purchase costs, you will also get the most cost effective quality flying available !


If you are keen to start quality flying without all the high costs normally associated with your passion then this is the plane for you. If you have any questions please contact us for clarifications.




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